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The Rev. Sarah A. Dunn has served as Rector of St. Patrick's since September of 2017.  Although originally from the Deep South and educated in New England—Mount Holyoke College & Yale Divinity School—, she quickly fell in love with Tahoe, especially experiencing God in the power and beauty of the created world.  Her ministry focus is to remind each and every individual that you are a beloved child of God with wonderful gifts and talents that assist in the building of God's kingdom here on earth.  Her passions include skiing way too fast, researching Celtic Christianity, hiking with her dog, Merlin, and spending time with those she loves.

The Rev. Dr. Bob Swope joined our community this past summer as assisting clergy, supporting our rector at worship about once a month.  He lives in Reno with his youngest daughter and grandson.  Bob has been an Episcopal priest for 46 years, and an RN for 21 years.  He has served from North Carolina to Alaska, and has lived in Nevada since 2017.  In terms of ministry, he considers his focus on loving the Lord, and all others who are seeking the way, the truth and an abundant life.  His doctoral dissertation research and practical application focuses on "Renewing the Jesus Movement in the Episcopal Church: Weaving Good News into Spiritual Formation."

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