As disciples of Jesus, we are constantly discerning, growing, and challenging ourselves.  Therefore, we offer a diverse array of adult educational opportunities to continue in this important work of spiritual transformation.  Our main model of engagement is through our seasonal small groups.  These are traditionally 4-6 week series (but sometimes longer), that represent a diversity of topics.  This format gives us an opportunity to grow in relationship with one another and with God.  Please see our Announcements for more information on our current offerings.

Examples of Past Small Groups:
Women with Wisdom: a study on female figures in the Bible
Celtic Christianity: diving deeper into our spiritual roots in the British Isles
Spirit on the Slopes: a ski and Bible study at Diamond Peak
God on Broadway: a movie group discerning the intersection of spirituality and musicals
Episcopal 101: an introduction to the history, tradition, and worship of the Episcopal Church
BYOB: “Bring your own Bible,” a beach potluck and meditative study of Scripture