As a church in the Episcopal tradition, we are a melding of the ancient and modern.  Our Sunday worship reflects a long tradition dating back to the early disciples.  We value the rhythm of our liturgy, which creates sacred space in our lives.  We also continue to listen to how the Holy Spirit is calling us to grow as a community—repenting of ways we have gone astray in the past, and discerning who we are called to invite and include in the present and future.  We are a bridge between the old and the new.

Our worship service is currently at 10am, as we gather in person and online via Zoom for Rite II Enriching our Worship. This is a service that involves several readings of Scripture, a sermon, and prayers for those we love, our congregation, our community, and the world. Morning Prayer originally derives from our medieval monastics, monks and nuns, who prayed together in community at designated times during the day. This service ties us to a long line of holy people who have come before us.

No matter if you are a long-term church attendee, haven't been to church in awhile, or have never stepped foot across a church threshold, you are welcome here. Come as you are.

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