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St. Patrick's Window

Have you taken the time to appreciate the beautiful St. Patrick's Window by the stairway in the center of the church?

This lovely strained glass and double-etched window, a classic, was the gift of parishioners and done by Sequoia Glass, formerly of Lake Tahoe. It depicts St. Patrick, the great missionary to Ireland, holding a three-leaf clover to help the Irish people understand the Triune God of Christianity -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

St. Brendan, also pictured, took Christianity to the Scandinavian countries and Iceland. The first panel shows the icebergs, strange fish, and sea monsters in which these more primitive people believed. (Our kids call the sea monster "Tahoe Tessie"!) The last panel shows a typical Celtic church along the seacoast, a Celtic cross, and a curragh, the boat made out of skins that these brave seafaring people rode out into the rough North Atlantic Ocean.

The four stained glass medallions depict the four Gospels writers -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John -- as pictured in the famous Irish book The Book of Kells. The interlace border is also typically Irish and depicts the infinity of God.

Our St. Patrick's Chapel (at the opposite end of the hallway) also has handcarved artifacts done in primitive Irish/Celtic fashion. They are from the original St. Patrick's Church (the building now housing Sierra Nevada College's library) and were researched and carved by parishioners. Please enjoy them and tell your friends about the window and the chapel, two very special places in our church.