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This morning I speak as a witness to the Holy Spirit, which lives and dwells among us and in all living creatures.† During the past almost nine years, since Iíve been a parishioner here, I have seen the Holy Spirit in action among us Ė in our deeds, great and small, to help each other, to help people in our community and in our world; in our services as we seek communion with God in taking the bread and wine, and as we sing our hymns to God above; as we raise money to maintain our building and our wonderful staff.††† But most of all I see it in the eyes of you, our parishioners, in your kindness toward each other, your joy in a Christ-filled fellowship, in our common drive to find our place in Godís holy kingdom.


During our last rector search I was privileged to have served as Sr. Warden here at St. Patís.† One of our finalist candidates, who took a rector job elsewhere, called me to tell me the news of her withdrawal as a candidate.† During our conversation, she exclaimed how impressed she was with our parish, and how we hold a very special niche as a parish, with our uniquely gorgeous location, our uniquely talented and friendly people, our lovely church, our spirit-filled path.† She absolutely loved meeting us, and getting to know us for a short time.


This confirmed my perception of us perfectly.† We simply canít fail in our future together, because we ARE friends and servants in Christ, we ARE multi-talented, we ARE devoted to our parish, we DO celebrate being Christians together in troubled times, we DO love being in and nurturing our wondrous Lake Tahoe setting, we DO love our God and each other.† We DO seek growth in the Holy Spirit on our paths together.† ††Simply put:† We are a wonderful parish, the best and most loving church I have ever belonged to!!


Now the season of Stewardship is upon us.† Our beloved St. Patrickís faces serious challenges in the New Year, as we seek to afford a worthy rector to guide and serve our parish, and still pay the bills and payroll that keep us running.† Through our Green Light dinners, weíve learned of our budgetary challenges, that we may face capital expenditures Ė a new roof, a new furnace Ė sometime in the near future.† We have many assets with our building, property, restricted funds and investments, but even so, we are operating in a small deficit.† We need more income to pay a new rector in a way commensurate with living in a resort town, and to keep our budget afloat in the years ahead.


So, I am asking you to look deeply into your hearts, to ask what is most important to you in your spiritual journey, and to prayerfully seek the proper pledge amount required of you and yours, to help us reach our immediate and future goals as a parish together.† Above all, during this our Stewardship campaign, give what you can, not only of your treasure, but of your time and your talent.† We value each and every one of you.† Your parish is asking you, and depending on you to do this.† With Godís help, we will succeed.†† Thank you.