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Stewardship Drive

Celtic Prayer for St. Pat's: God the Father, keep us safe in danger, give us courage, and keep us loving. God the Son, help us to speak the truth, to stand by those who need our help. God the Holy Spirit, give us friends who love us, places and people that help us grow. God the Three in One, you are community. Help us, made in your image, find fulfillment in community. Amen

Please prayerfully consider your pledge of support for our parish in 2017. We'll joyfully lift up stewardship for St. Pat's in a special collection of our pledge cards at the end of each service. If you won't be present, please join us (wherever you may be) in the prayer above and return your card to the Church Office as soon as you're able. Every gift matters to our future! There are cards available in the pews and on the front table. Please return them to the offering plate or the office (in the box outside the office) or by mail.

In case you missed these wonderful stewardship addresses to the parish from some of our wonderful parishioners or want to reread them, here they are:

From Cindy Boudett

From Gary Thomsen

From Ginnie Jed