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Things you can do as a group or individually to help the project: Pick one or more


Things to do before the event if you are busy on the holiday:


Volunteer on the day of the event Nov 22, 2012 (All or part)

Remember the Lord loves a cheerful giver and so do I! So I want you to do only what you want to do and only that which will bless you and make you happy (hard work is not necessarily miserable work).. 

Volunteer check-in is 1 pm or later: Volunteers are not expected to work the entire time, nor do they need to stay in the same task all day. They are, however expected to have FUN! And EAT!


Volunteer Opportunities on the day of:

·         Transportation:

·         Kids Room handlers: Oversee and engage kids in activities

·         Kitchen Help: Cook

·         Kitchen Help: clean, pots, pans, dishes

·         run food from kitchen to the food line

·         coffee servers

·         table bussers

·         food servers

·         greeters

·         “Share the Love” Ambassadors:

·         Security

·         Doggie Zone: handlers Oversee and engage the doggie guests

·         Clean Up: Stay All Day or Come later help clean up and Pack Up



In order to have a bit of control over the food provided here is a general menu at the very least we want to provide:



Some ideas for donations:


If you want to go shopping for ingredients: (Or ask your friends with restaurants to donate)


The best places for canned goods are CostCo and “Smart and Final” in Reno. No one person needs to buy all the ingredients but it helps me if I know who is buying (or has bought) what, so that I can keep tract.(don’t want to drown in green beans and have no crans)


THE REALLY BIG CANS! If available are best (less waste and less to open)


For Wednesday (decorating Day) we could use some munchies for kids & adults last year we had crackers & cheese, fruit and Pub Mix (a CostCo snack thing)


Good Things to ask restaurants to donate: assure them that anything left over will be given to Project MANA or to the Tahoe Neighborhood Table Community Meals.


If you ask restaurant owners to donate ingredients I need to know who is donating how much and what and I need YOU to plan on being responsible to pick up and deliver to ME at the Conference  Center no later than noon on Monday 19th. There are storage issues for perishables prior to that date. Hopefully we will have a few volunteers who can pick things up.


·         Any of the canned foods on the “shopping” list



·         Potatoes: Idaho or yellow

·         Yams/sweet potatoes

·         Onions

·         Celery

·         Chopped celery/onions (about 10 pounds each)

·         Zucchini green and yellow

·         Broccoli

·         Red, yellow green peppers (just a few pounds needed)

·         Carrots

·         Salad greens (American Blend is fine)(need only about 6 pounds total)

·         Pearl or boiler onions (small bag)

·         Cranberries (fresh or canned)

·         apples (anything but red delicious works well)


Generally speaking these things come in cases of between 20 & 50 pounds. Since we do not want to be a burden to our donor’s one of anything is plenty.  If they want to do more that’s ok too. Remember to arrange a follow-up date (to remind them to order goods) and a pick up date.


Also looking for:

·         Butter milk (in quarts)

·         Butter

·         ½ pt milks for kids